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OUTBND strives to support brands and events in their media strategy from an activation and awareness phase all the way to conversion. How do we do it?

  • Confirmation Videos for participants

  • Wildcard Contest

  • Daily Stories with strategic tags and angles

  • Daily "Pills" or "recaps"

  • A video-contest that promotes one of the sponsors

  • An aftermovie

All this is done by keeping an eye for what RIDERS want to see, in order to maximize engagement. Most of our work is optimized for events. As such we have created two roles to take care of these projects.

Riding Session  - 27_05_22 - _rommel_rj_prollamante - 33.jpg


  •  Creates daily video content pills 
    (Raw runs, interviews or short clips)

  • Shoot and edit Action pictures to be used in the stories

  • After an event: A recap video of the whole experience 

MIG_7091 copia.jpg
  • Interfacing between client and Content Creators

  • Publishing Video-stories, treating them as actual means of content creation

  • Publish on client’s feed

  • Consult with the client for media strategies





  • We believe in charging only per shooting days if the job follows our general outline. For longer or different productions an Ad Hoc Quote will be made.

  • Board, Lodging and Travel should always be provided, on top of all tickets/access that might be necessary for the job.

  • All edited and RAW Materials will be provided to the client at the end of the project.

  • OUTBND and its freelancers maintain the right to use the content (in the same or re-edited form) on their channels.



Stories are often an overlooked side of the «story-telling» in events: this is where people want to be kept up to speed with what’s going on. We made it our mission to tell Your Story via instagram stories.


Our Approach:


We treat stories like regular video content. That means that we try and shoot (with our phones) the best quality, close-up action shots. We do this almost «real time» and tagging athletes to create buzz around a location or an event.


Also for events, we offer an «audience activation» service to announce the coming athletes, by creating 14sec edits, to help building up the Hype.


Sure, the stories give you a «live» look into the event, but people will measure your event based on the HYPE you generate: in multi-days event is vital to get a daily video out, possibly in collaboration with the ahtletes themselves. 

What makes us different ? See for yourself!


All that money, time and effort into an event: you can’t expect a couple stories and  daily higlights to tell the full story. That’s why , of course, we also offer a full length video service.


Sometimes you just need experts of the action sports video making to support your event, your stunt or product launch.

We got you covered!

Meet the team



With an agency background, Davide brings to the table creativity and the ability to look at the biggger picture while handling details thanks to his many technical skills.
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