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The funnel to conversion is becoming longer and longer, with customers looking for real interactions with your brand.

You? You need content...a lot of it...and with the current state of Social Media, you need user-generated one or your costs will sky-rocket!

You're in luck: that's what OUTBND is about!

Video-contests are an amazing tool to raise awareness and leverage your community.


It takes only a minute to launch a challenge and it’s perfect to interact with your community via raffles, giveaways and wildcard contests!

Available for Web,

or as an App for
iOS and Android

Optimized for posting HQ content

In-App Social Features to nurish your community.

Not enough?

OUTBND is perfect to:

  • Keep track of submissions

  • Gather captcha-protected Votes

  • Run a jury-based video contest

  • Raise awareness by resharing the user-generated content

  • Connect with an API the submissions to your website

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